Todofy Todofy logo Todofy is a cloud based todo manager built specifically for software projects. There are more than 80 million TODOs in public Github repositories, Which include yours as well. Todofy helps you finish them quickly and systematically.

Stats say, there are 112211958 todos on Github!

First there is a todo in our project
Then there are several todos in our project
Then comes a lot of bugs, Bugs we hate!

Now manage all your todos with ease

Easily sync your GitHub projects with Todofy and you’ll be managing your todos real fast!
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Some pretty amazing organisations and projects are using us.

Features created to help your projects and teams

  • Add a comment to add a todo.
  • Add labels to identify similar todos.
  • Set deadline, to complete them on time.
  • Get reminded, when the time is.
  • Tag users, to invite them to discussion.
  • Create issue on Github with a click.
  • Discuss a todo with other users.
Get set up in seconds
Login with GitHub, choose a repository, todofy it - you have all your todos in one portal. Have a happy time finishing those!
Multiple language support
We currently support c, c++, js, php and more. And we are working hard to support more and more language, hoping to cover every todo possible!
Test your pull requests
Check if a pull request adds, modifies or finishes a todo, reference the todo for merging it.
Promote your todos
Feel like need to get a todo finished soon? Promote your todo so that someone with corresponding skills can help finish it ASAP.

We support multiple languages, incluing

C C++ JavaScript Java GO PHP Python TypeScript Ruby Rust HTML XML ASP C# CSS Objective-C JSP

Todofy will always be free for Open Source

<strong> ALWAYS </strong>

Todofy Flow

You push your code to Github
Github pushes this information to Todofy
We update all todos, add new ones & set ones as finished
Everyone who should be notified is notified